AJH Welcomes New Board Members

Board members volunteers their time, expertise and passion to help propel Anna Jaques forward. As we embark on a new fiscal year, AJH welcomed new board members to the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board, as well as thanked outgoing board members for years of service to AJH, especially during recent transformative years. 

AJH Board of Trustees

Thank you to out-going members:
George Ellison
Bernhard Heersink, MD 

Welcome new members:
Pat Cannon
Claire Fung, MD
Jean Trim 

FY21 Officers:
David LaFlamme, Chairman
Grace Connolly, Vice Chairman
Ginny Eramo, Secretary

Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation

Thank you to out-going members:
Pat Cannon *moved to AJH Board of Trustees
Melissa Foley
Chris Johnston
Kevin Gasiorowski
Donna Twombly 

Welcome new members:
Nicole Nadeau
Brian Sullivan
Krista Katsapetses Yablin 

FY21 Officers:
Matt Khatib, Chair
Julie Ganong, Vice Chair
Kevin Kilday, Treasurer
Kathy Connors, Secretary
Mary Williamson, Executive Director