Anna Jaques Hospital Reopens Sleep Lab

Anna Jaques Hospital’s Sleep Lab, Newburyport Sleep Diagnostics, reopened its doors on January 15th to provide comprehensive sleep medicine consults, diagnostic testing and treatment to patients.

The AJH Sleep Lab closed temporarily due to the pandemic but now welcomes new and existing patients with appropriate safety measures and protocols in place to provide patients a safe environment to receive the care they need.

Led by Dr. Najmuddin Patwa, Medical Director of the Sleep Lab, the team offers a variety of specialized diagnostic and therapeutic testing. This includes Polysomnogram, CPAP/Bilevel titrations, MSLT(MWT) and HSAT (home sleep apnea monitoring).

Dr. Patwa recently joined Anna Jaques Hospital as Medical Director of the program following Dr. Charles Randall’s retirement. Dr. Patwa welcomes Dr. Randall’s former patients, as well as new patients.

Dr. Patwa is  board certified in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. He earned his medical degree at Hahnemann University Medical School. He completed his internship, residency and fellowship training at Montefiore Medical Center. 

Newburyport Sleep Diagnostics is now welcoming new patients. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 978-463-1131. The Sleep Lab is located at Anna Jaques Hospital at 25 Highland Avenue, Third Floor.