Domenic Martinello, MD, featured in The New York Times’ “Think Like a Doctor” Section

Congratulations to Domenic Martinello, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, who diagnosed a rare condition of a 38-year-old man who was seen in our Emergency Department. Today, the case is featured online in the New York Times’ Think Like A Doctor section that asks readers to try their hand at solving the medical mystery.

Click below to read the story of the marketing executive from the Boston area who suddenly becomes sick at his brother’s destination wedding in the Rockies.

Readers can post their answers in the comments section of the article today, and the answer and conclusion will be revealed online on Friday. The first reader to figure out the puzzle will be contacted and comments may appear in a coming issue of the New York Times Magazine.

Click here to read - Play along and help the New York Times solve the medical mystery!

Click here to read the conclusion and diagnosis!