Dr. Chaya Ray and daughter, Bipasha, present at Haverhill Chamber's WOW Conference

Dr. Chaya Ray & Bipasha Ray, "Healthy Heart Initiative" at WOW Conference


Haverhill Medical Offices of Anna Jaques Hospital once again proudly sponsored the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce’s Winning Opportunities for Women (WOW) Conference on April 12th at the Blue Ocean Event Center that hosted more than 400 women from the community.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Inspired at Any Age” and the hospital’s featured guest speakers reflected just that – with Dr. Chaya Ray of Beth Israel Deaconess HealthCare-Haverhill and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Bipasha, as they shared their incredible efforts to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Ray, Bipasha, and their family, have created a non-project called the Healthy Heart Initiative focused on raising cardiovascular health awareness among school children and communities and of early detection of risk factors.

Excerpt from Dr. Ray and Bipasha's presentation:

Good healthcare is a necessity. Without this foundation, it is nearly impossible to strive for anything beyond basic necessities. We believe that everyone should be aware of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases so that they can maintain a long and healthy life.

In order to improve cardiovascular health awareness, early detection of various risk factors, and amelioration of morbidity and mortality, our family recently established a non-profit called the Healthy Heart Initiative. Many of the effects of cardiovascular diseases could be reduced with the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices from an early age. By integrating health education into schools and engaging community members, we promote primary prevention, rather than just treating the symptoms after the disease manifests.

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Healthy Heart Initiative, Inc.

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Chaya Ray, MD

Primary Care, Family Medicine

Dr. Chaya Ray is a primary care physician at Beth Israel Deaconess HealthCare – Haverhill, affiliated with Anna Jaques Hospital, located at Haverhill Medical Offices at 600 Primrose Street. As a family medicine physician, Dr. Ray provides comprehensive health care to patients of all ages, treating acute and chronic illnesses while performing routine preventive care assessments.

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