Support Person in the Birth Center

For our expecting patients and families: 

We appreciate that this uncertain time was not a part of your original birth plan. Please know that every measure is being taken at Anna Jaques Hospital and within the Birth Center to ensure the safest environment possible to welcome your baby into the world. As part of these protective measures, the Birth Center is allowing only your dedicated support person to be with your during your labor and birth (no additional visitors are allowed).

It is important that your support person:

  • Has been feeling well for the last two weeks (no fever, cough, chills, body aches, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • Has self-isolated for the last two weeks, either with you or alone
  • Stays with you at all times in your hospital room unless requested to separate from you for a medical procedure
  • Cleans their hands frequently and does not touch their face
  • Brings your necessities, including car seat, upon arrival to the hospital.  Support people are strongly encouraged not to go back to their car or home during the stay.

We recognize these are challenging times. The entire Birth Center team is here to support you and your partner through this special experience. Please email with any questions at

Recent experience on the Birth Center


“I delivered last Sunday. They were absolutely amazing (on the Birth Center)....We were screened at the Main Entrance before going to labor and delivery. I was only allowed my husband as a support person (no visitors allowed) but it was actually comforting knowing they were taking these precautions. The nurses were all amazing and answered any questions/concerns we had while also limiting their time in our room. We were also able to be discharged a day early because we both were doing great and they did not want us in the hospital longer than we needed to be.” 

Ashley Thurber, mom of beautiful baby Claire born March 15, 2020