Patient and Family Advisory Council Report - 2014

Annual Report on Patient and Family Advisory Council

October 2014 


  1. I.                   PURPOSE AND GOAL

Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH) will continue to work with its Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to provide a link between the hospital and the community, and to help identify the needs and priorities of patients and families.  The Council will assist us to create an environment of patient and family centered care and improve quality and patient safety.  The Patient Family Advisory Council is designed to serve as a voice of the patient and encourage the partnership between patients, families, health care providers and the hospital.  The Council was created in response to legislation passed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health effective October 1, 2010. 

  1. II.                OVERVIEW

The philosophy of the PFAC at AJH is driven by the hospital’s mission to provide high quality medical care and health education to our community, in alliance with our medical staff.  The partnership between the AJH and the PFAC will continue to drive activities designed to enhance the quality and safety of the patient and family experience, including issues that may range from the challenges of double occupancy inpatient rooms, hand hygiene, patient education and transitions in care.

  1. III.             MEMBERSHIP

Members will include patients, family members and hospital staff to include the CMO, Director of Quality and Patient Safety.  Other members of Hospital Leaderships attend on an ad hoc basis.  

The recruitment and selection process occur through the use of an application and telephone interview conducted by the community member co-chair.  Recruiting has occurred through postings on the AJH Website, flyers in the admission packets, notices posted on community blogs. 

PFAC Structure

The PFAC is supported by the AJH Quality and Patient Safety department.  The committee reports through the Board Quality Committee which is a committee of the Board of Trustees.  The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and a community member serve as Co-Chairs, while the Director of Quality and Patient Safety serves as the staff liaison.  The PFAC meets every other month and has developed and approved the Council Operations and Guidelines which are in line with the hospital and community goals.  The committee will also connect via email and/or conference call if needed.


PFAC Composition

The PFAC is comprised of staff, patients and patient family members.  Currently the community co-chair position is open.  The previous co-chair stepped down and a replacement has not been found.  Membership currently is at seven members and committee is actively recruiting more patients and family members.  Patient and family membership represents 75% or greater of the committee. 

Meeting Summaries



New Co-Chair named


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Gerrish Breast Center opening

Flu shot initiative

October 2013

Baby Friendly Hospital Certification

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New construction

January 2014

Committee Engagement Strategies utilizing the

A Leadership Resource for Patient and Family Engagement Strategies- Analysis of recommendations and current State at AJH

April 2014

Plan Development for Committee Strategies utilizing the information and discussion from April meeting.     

New Member Welcomed                

Patient Portal Introduction

June 2014

Electronic Patient Discharge Packet

AJH Community Benefits Program

How to handle patient complaints members hear in the community

August 2014