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Preparing for Surgery at Anna Jaques

When you’re at Anna Jaques, we want you to feel at home!

Here are some things you might want to bring:

  • Clothes and PJs — We’ll give you a hospital gown, which can be fun to wear. But you might want to have your own clothing too. You’ll need comfy clothes to wear during the day and pajamas for nighttime.
  • Slippers — These are good for getting around the hospital. Going barefoot is icky, and wearing only socks can be slippery. Remember to bring a pair of shoes too for going home.
  • Bathroom stuff — Yes, we have soap. But you’ll want your own toothbrush and toothpaste. A hairbrush and ponytail holders or barrettes are also a good idea.
  • Things You Love — Our favorite things can make us feel better. Bring your favorite stuffed animal or anything that can help you to relax and have a good night’s sleep. Photos of friends, family and pets can help, too!
  • Things to Do — While you get better, it helps to have some games, toys, books, music on an iPod or favorite DVDs to pass the time. Depending on how long you will be here, you might need to bring school books and assignments too.

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In this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero goes to the hospital for an operation to repair his broken shell, and everyone thinks he's being very brave. But Franklin is only pretending to be fearless. He's worried that his X-rays will show just how frightened he is inside. With the help of Dr. Bear, Franklin learns that even though he's feeling scared, he can still be brave.

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People You Will Meet at Anna Jaques


The first person you will meet. She’ll see how much you weigh and how tall you are and she’ll check your temperature. She’ll hook up a small device attached to your finger to check your heart beat and oxygen levels. After your surgery, she’ll give you juice and snacks!


The doctor who will help you go to sleep during your operation.

Operating Room Nurse

This person will take care of you while you’re asleep getting surgery.

Nurse Anesthetist

Another person who will help you go to sleep during your operation.


The doctor who will be performing your operation. You’ve already met this person before at your doctor’s appointments!