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Annual Birth Center Breastfeeding Picnic, August 2016

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Are you ready?

From the ah-ha moment when you just knew you were ready, to the adventure that begins with a positive pregnancy test, deciding to have a baby starts a wild new chapter.


Nurses' Corner

Many ask when they should start taking prenatal vitamins. If you are trying to get pregnant you may start now. Otherwise, you should start when you find out you are pregnant.

Local area moms say…

When I got pregnant, friendships with my single friends changed:

Stayed the same22%

For the worse - my single friends couldn't relate to what I was going through33%

For the better - they became #1 aunties46%

Source: Parents, Pamela Brill

Nurses' Corner

On average, it takes 6 months of unprotected sex to achieve a pregnancy. Be patient with yourself and your partner.

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Best Pregnancy Apps of 2016

2016 apps

Track everything from names to contractions, journal your pregnancy journey, and get current information on nutrition and health.

Timing is everything.

Improve your chances of getting pregnant by calculating your cycle here!

Source: Buzzfeed

Nurses' Corner

Getting in good shape before the baby arrives is very important. Exercise has many health benefits such as aiding in sleeping, keeping your metabolism in good check and even helps to ensure an easier delivery. Don't forget exercise also releases endorphins, the hormones responsible for feeling good.

Source: Today's Parent

10 Ways To Boost Fertility in Women


We asked local area moms…

What season was your first born baby conceived in?


Winter 32%

Summer 27%

Fall 21%

Spring 20%

Source: What to Expect
Source: What to Expect
Source: Parents

We asked local area moms…

Did you deliver on your due date?



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Baby is coming and life has forever changed!

Source: The Huffington Post

Nurses' Corner

Call your doctor when you find out you are first pregnant. The office staff will arrange for a first prenatal appointment, usually around 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Local area moms say…

When choosing a baby name, I went:

Traditional - Classic, simple, family name 57%

Unique 37%

Trendy (gotta love celebrity baby names!) 6%

Source: The Huffington Post
Source: Fit Pregnancy

Advice to moms from moms

Don't be afraid to ask questions! Ask other mothers about their experiences and never shy away from asking your doctor too many questions!

Source: Fit Pregnancy

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om baby2

My Om Baby of Newburyport says HypnoBirthing® is on the rise - as more moms including celebrities like Kate Middleton & Jessica Alba share how empowering and effective the self-relaxation techniques can be. Classes enable parents to tap in to the body’s natural ability for deep inner relaxation and are suggested for anyone seeking a calm and comfortable birth in any setting.

Source: BuzzFeed

How local moms shared their pregnancy news...

We taped a picture of the ultrasound to the back of our new wedding album. We showed my mom, dad and three younger sisters one afternoon – every page they turned was nerve-racking! Finally, they got to the end and the house shook from all the jumping and screaming! It was a great memory! Ashley

Nurses' Corner

Your blood volume doubles when you are pregnant to support your baby. Make sure you are drinking lots of water or decaffeinated beverages. You need about 64 oz. per day – which is like drinking 4 Nalgene bottles of water every day!

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Grandma Showers Are Now A Thing


“Yep, you read that right! Not only does the mom-to-be get showered with gifts, but now grandma-to-be gets her own supply of baby gear too. With more and more baby boomer parents taking on the role of nanny to their grandchildren, moms-to-be are registering for doubles of the must-haves, like car seats, strollers and high chairs, for their parents.” Source: Yahoo! Shine

Local area moms say…

The growing trend of “Grandma Showers” (a baby shower for Grandma) is:


Awesome – my kids spend so much time with the grandparents, they need their own stroller, car seat, etc. 19%

Too much – friends and family showering the mom-to-be is more than enough 81%

Source: BabyZone

Local area moms…

Reveal parties (parties designed to reveal the sex of the baby) are:

Not for me (it's an excuse to get more presents!) 42%

I'd rather do a fun reveal without the party 39%

A fun new trend 19%

Source: Baby Center

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Stick With Your Style During Pregnancy




Local area moms…

Found out the sex of their baby:

Yes 76%

No 24%

Source: Rosie Pope

Local area moms say…

My baby shower was:

Traditional - All women, party games, opening gifts 69%

Jack & Jill (co-ed)! 26%

I didn't want a baby shower - too much going on already! 5%

Nurses' Corner

In the event that you need help or have an emergency during pregnancy, you should call your doctor or midwife. Someone is available to help you 24/7 - morning, noon and night.


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Preparing for your little one

Organizing, planning, readying yourself to welcome baby in to the world

Don't fight your new shape, moms-to-be — learn to dress it with confidence. And don't forget the "fourth trimester," those three to four months after birth when you may still look pregnant. Fashion designer Rosie Pope of "Pregnant in Heels" fame offers tips for dressing a waist you no longer have and selecting nursing bras, and she also explains why pleats are a pregnant woman's friend.

Nurses' Corner

The top 3 things expecting moms really wish they had at the hospital:

  • Your own pillow
  • Slippers or flip flops
  • Extra batteries for your camera
Source: Momma Society

Advice to moms from moms

Plan for the first two weeks after delivery to be for resting, recuperating and getting to know your baby.

Nurses' Corner

Dads and partners can be prepared to bond with baby a number of different ways: skin-to-skin contact, talking and singing to the baby, bathing and changing diapers, and after 4-6 weeks of breastfeeding-mom can pump her milk and dad can feed baby from a bottle.

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Pregnancy Movies to Watch While Pregnant

baby momma

Round up of favorite pregnancy movies. Put your feet up and enjoy!


Local area moms say…

The “push present” trend (getting a gift from your partner after the baby is born) is:

Over the top - I don’t need a present for giving birth 37%

Much deserved – after 9 long months it’s nice to get something special (other than the baby!) 43%

I’ve never heard of it! 20%

Source: Cesar's Way

Advice to moms from moms

Grandparents can play an important role. Discuss a plan before baby comes for whether you want your parents and in-laws at the hospital during delivery. Have a plan for when baby comes home and talk about how they can help make it a smooth transition.

Nurses' Corner

When packing for the hospital, don’t forget an extra camera card…they fill up fast! You will also want your own deodorant and clothes from when you were 6-7 months pregnant to wear home.

Source: Fit Pregnancy

Local area moms say…

My form of nesting was...


Organizing/Cleaning ... everything! 78%

Cooking 4%

Shopping 12%

Other 6%

Source: The Stir

Nurses' Corner

Whatever kind of seat you choose (rocker, glider, etc.), create a cozy space in your nursery for breastfeeding where mom and baby can bond in comfort and style. Be sure to put pillows, burp cloths, books and more within easy reach.

Advice to moms from moms

Prepare dinners ahead of time and freeze them, so you don't have to think about meals the first weeks of being home with baby.

Source: Rosie Pope Maternity

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Barre Prenatal Exercise


The latest fitness regimen utilizes the ballet barre for a full-body workout that's also low-impact (perfect for moms-to-be!).

Nurses' Corner

Don’t over buy diapers and bottles ahead of time. Your baby may surprise you with what he/she does or doesn’t like!

Source: Babble, Lauren Hartmann, 2011

Local area moms say…

You should share your pregnancy on Facebook:


Every-so-often but didn't overdo it 44%

Rarely or never posted about pregnancy 51%

Post every little thing (I couldn’t help it!) 5%

Source: She Knows Food & Recipes, Sarah Brooks, 2013

Local area moms…

Started shopping for baby:

After the first check-up with my doctor 55%

After my baby shower 37%

Secretly before I got pregnant (don't tell!) 3%

The day I had a positive pregnancy test 5%

Source: What to Expect
Source: Rosie Pope Maternity, Blog

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There's nothing like someone who's "been there".

Check out upcoming family fun with Macaroni Kid's Calendar!MK

Source: The Huffington Post

Nurses' Corner

Laundry should be washed in a detergent that has been tested and is safe for use with babies. Mild non-perfumed products are preferable. Bottles do not need to be sterilized, but they should be washed with hot and soapy water before use. The dishwasher is safe too!

Source: Parents


Source: The Bump


Local area moms say…

I was most excited to _____ after pregnancy (besides meet my baby!):

Lose weight 36%

Not have to pee every 20 minutes 34%

Drink 26%

Wear my regular shoes again 4%

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Saving for the Future

Banking Trend Alert

With college costs continuing to climb, banks are doing more to incent parents to start saving earlier. Newburyport Five Cents Savings is so committed to the importance of saving early, when you open a Children’s Saving Account with $5, they will match it with $5. Also, parents who open a checking account can receive a $100 donation to the PTO of their choice.

Source: Huffington Post

Nurses' Corner

When home from the hospital, partners can help by taking baby to mom when baby: turns head searching for breast, makes smacking sounds, sucks hand.

Source: The Bump

Local area moms say…

Things I never do anymore, now that I’m a mom:


Sleep 39%

Go out on New Year's Eve 23%

Workout 8%

All of the above 30%

Advice to moms from moms:

Take all those offers for help in the beginning, they don't usually last very long! When they come to help, don't feel like you need to entertain....take a nap or a shower without worrying about the baby for a few minutes! Chris C.

Don't worry if your baby isn't doing exactly what the "book" says they should be doing...babies are all different. Do what works for you and your family. Kathryn O.

Nurses' Corner

It is normal for your baby to lose up to 10% of its body weight after birth. Most of the time, simply keeping your baby skin to skin and breastfeeding as often as the baby wants will help the baby to regain its original weight by 2 weeks of age. Still worried? Talk to a lactation consultant and your pediatrician.

Source: School Family
Source: Huffington Post
Source: Mayo Clinic, Health & Lifestyle, 2011

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Local resources that every parent needs.

Looking for an OB/GYN or midwife? Click here!

Looking for a pediatrician? Click here!

Medical Resources

Anna Jaques Hospital Emergency Department

(978) 463-1050

Mass Poison Information Center

(617) 232-2120


Parental Stress Hotline

7 days a week, 24 hours a day
(800) 632-8188

Thom Child & Family Services

(508) 655-5222

Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club

Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 462-8077

The Mother Connection

Andover, MA 01810
(978) 470-1500

Pentucket Moms Support - Facebook group

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, exhausting and challenging. Pentucket Moms Support (PMS) lists information about local therapists and prescribers, as well as phone and online support. They offer information about how to connect with other Moms in the area and fun things to do with your babies/toddlers.

The page is for sharing information and resources for pregnant and new families. If you need immediate support or are feeling overwhelmed, please contact Postpartum Support International's Warmline at 1-800-944-4773(4PPD).

Newburyport Farmers' Market

Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 457-6644

Breastfeeding Support

How to find an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Local LaLeche leagues

For working moms

Breastfeeding Made Simple

Mother's Milk Bank of the Northeast

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