Blood Donor Services

Did you know that in the United States a person needs a blood transfusion every three seconds?   By the time you have read this information, 200 people will have been transfused.  Locally, Anna Jaques Hospital transfuses 1800 units of red blood cells per year, quite a large number for a small community hospital.

When you give blood at Anna Jaques, you directly support someone in your community. 

Contact Us:

Fax  978-463-1103

Call 978-463-1098 to schedule your donation

*We try to be flexible

The Anna Jaques laboratory operates a blood donor program, which began in 2005, in order to supplement the American Red Cross supply and ensure an adequate level of blood for our patients.  All donated blood goes to Anna Jaques patients. 

The lab staff has considerable experience in donor collections. Our procedures strictly adhere to all FDA and AABB standards to protect the donor and blood recipient.  The blood collected at AJH is screened by the Red Cross.  

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, some FDA recommendations for donors have been adjusted. For questions about whether or not you qualify to donate blood, please call the Blood Bank at 978-463-1098.

Once you schedule an appointment, please read the following important information:

You will need to download the consent forms and questionnaire, complete then bring them with you to your appointment.