Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical Care

Personalized care you can trust

Surgery isn’t such a scary word when you’re a patient at Anna Jaques Hospital. Our staff will treat you (and your family) like family the minute you walk through our doors.

Whether you need to stay overnight or can go home the same day as your surgery, our team will prepare you so that you fully understand your procedure and know what to expect before you have the surgery. Our top priority is to provide you with high quality care, so we carefully monitor potential safety issues like infection, surgical errors, hygiene, skin breakdown and patient falls. You can take great comforting knowing that Anna Jaques surgical care measures are at or above the national average is nearly every cateogry, with several being at 100%.  

Joint replacement for knee, hip, and shoulder

Anna Jaques has a strong tradition in repairing and replacing hips, knees and shoulders for patients living with joint pain that limits their ability to enjoy an active life. Each year, we perform hundreds of joint replacements – and our outcomes are excellent. Common procedures include total hip arthroplasty, total hip replacement, MAKO for knee and hip, hip revision, total knee arthroplasty, partial knee arthroplasty, knee revision, total shoulder arthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, total shoulder resurfacing, or shoulder revision. Our surgeons use the most advanced minimally invasive techniques that will help restore your function and mobility.

Our Joint Replacement team includes surgeons, nurses, patient care technicians, case managers and physical therapists. We embrace a team approach in the care of our patients – from pre-operative education at “Joint Class” to surgery to physical therapy. Because of this approach, patients have a better understanding of their condition, restoration of mobility and improved quality of life.

Our excellent surgeons perform your surgery with the latest technology available -- the same technology used in Boston hospitals. We have a fully digital six-bed operating suite equipped with patient records so that surgeons can call up medical records, imaging and information instantaneously during surgery.

Outpatient surgery (Day surgery)

Many orthopedic procedures can be done on an outpatient basis where you can go home the same day as your surgery. Even though day surgery patients are with us only a short time, our staff will do everything to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Common day surgery procedures include knee arthroscopy, arthroscopic ACL repair/reconstruction, shoulder arthroscopy, and carpal tunnel release.

As with all surgeries, our staff supports the safe and rapid recovery of patients who have received an anesthetic. To better prepare for your day surgery, please read our Day Surgery Guide.

Specialized spine surgery

Anna Jaques is also home to two board-certified physicians providing cutting-edge conservative and surgical management for spinal disorders.  Those patients requiring surgical interventions can be confident that they will receive state-of-the-art care from our fellowship-trained spine surgeons. Common spinal procedures performed by our spine surgeons include anterior cervical fusion, kyphoplasty, and lumbar laminectomy/decompression.

Recover overnight in a private rooms for enhanced comfort and safety

After your surgery, orthopedic surgery patients who stay overnight are nearly always given a private room on the Institution for Savings Inpatient Unit to enhance comfort and healing after surgery. Anna Jaques is one of a small number of hospitals in Massachusetts to offer single-room availability for nearly all of our patients.

Surgical Site Infections - Striving for zero

Anna Jaques has had just one surgical site infection for elective hip and knee replacements in nearly two years, and is striving for zero.  This is an accomplishment that few hospitals ever achieve. Our patients can take comfort in knowing the likelihood of infection during an elective hip or knee replacement is quite low.