Aid Association

Championing Anna Jaques Hospital since 1888

With close to 200 members, the Aid is comprised of energetic, dedicated individuals whose goal is to raise funds in support of its community hospital through signature events and programs. Since 1888, the Aid has made a tremendous difference and has provided millions of dollars for mission critical needs.

Aid Association Events

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Executive Board

Sheryl Blair

Corresponding Secretary
Karen Davis

Vice President
Michelle Miakos

Joan E. Miller

Recording Secretary
Patricia H. Doggett

Members of the Board 2022-2023

Mary Ann Abbott

Sheryl Blair

Carol W. Bresnahan

Karen A. Davis

Deborah J. deHaas

Karen DiPietro

Susan M. Dixon

Susan Duane

Patricia H. Doggett

Suzanne Elliott

Kathleen Foley

Katie Habib

Jennifer Hilton

Kristin Hunter

Peg Larson Blanche

Maureen Lombard

Phoebe Lonborg-Lewis

Ann Lynch

Lori Mahoney

Michelle Miakos

Joan E. Miller

Jean M. Moak

Sue Perry-Bannon

Paula Pressler

Patricia E. Reardon

Aileen B. Sheehan

Nikki Vazeos

Debra J. Zoltai