Donors Make a Difference

Anna Jaques is so important to me, and I’ve always felt lucky to have this hospital close by. My husband and I were both born here, as were my two children, my three grandchildren, and even my daughter-in-law

Jean Kirkpatrick , Longtime Anna Jaques Hospital Volunteer

Giving Well: Recognizing the Impact of Our Donors and Volunteers

The Donor Impact Report was renamed "Giving Well" to reflect the incredible impact and the many ways the community gives to our hospital. This newsletter shares stories of support making a life-changing difference, of projects and programs that your support makes possible.

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Anna Jaques 1884 Legacy Society Members

Donors listed below made a “forever gift” to Anna Jaques Hospital through their estates to help our hospital provide outstanding care for patients today, tomorrow and into the future.

  • Anonymous (5)
  • Allan L. DesRosiers
  • Zachary M. Longley
  • Betty Lyons

  • Delia O’Connor
  • Frances M. Pearson
  • John P. Salter, Jr.
  • Barbara C. Schwartz

  • Joseph Stashio
  • David A. Tibbetts

Estate Donors (since 1984)

We would like to remember the following Legacy Society Members whose legacies live on through their support of Anna Jaques Hospital.

  • Mercedes C. Ames
  • Melvin F. Ames
  • Lois Anderson, RN
  • Anne Atherton
  • Harold Audet, MD
  • Lurline Ayers
  • Alfred H. Belliveau
  • Gertrude W. Briggs
  • Elizabeth U. Brown
  • Edith M. Burbeck
  • Ruth Burke
  • George A. Cashman
  • Rosemary R. Cashman
  • Stephanie L. Clark
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • Katherine A. Crane
  • Kathryn M. Crossgrove
  • Edward B. Cummings
  • Virginia C. Cunningham
  • Linwood Dore
  • Sylvia Farrell
  • Charles M. Felch
  • Irene M. Fitzgerald
  • Joseph Fitzpatrick
  • Marian A. Graham

  • David C. Grant
  • Aileen W. Graves
  • William Gray
  • Grace V. Hale
  • Virginia Hamilton
  • Electra V. Hamond
  • Patrick Herron
  • Malcolm K. Hoyt
  • Willard Jewett
  • Lillian Johnson
  • Mary D. Kelley
  • Edith M. Kendall
  • Joseph W. Knapp
  • Emma Knickle
  • Agnes G. Ladd
  • Isabelle Ladd
  • Lorna Learned
  • Amelia W. Little
  • Lucretia L. llsley
  • Barbara Luccock
  • Bettie C. Lund
  • Sylvia Lunt
  • Wilhelmina Lunt
  • Harry C. Lutes
  • Harry Mantarian

  • Esther H. Macomber
  • Charles Moseley
  • William Moseley
  • Clifford Mosher
  • Eleanor Newhall Weber
  • Nancy T. Noyes
  • Burton Noyes
  • Blanche A. O'Brien
  • Donald I. Perry
  • Lispenard B. Phister
  • John Popplewell
  • Leland Roaf
  • Marion Roaf
  • Janet A. Rohr
  • Robert C. Rowell
  • James H. Sandman
  • Helen Rita Slimas
  • Prescott L. Spalding
  • Thelma Tarbox
  • Marjory Thomas
  • Louis Traister
  • George H. Wallace
  • Donna Welch
  • Ruth A. Whelpley
  • John Witherspoon