Institution for Savings Inpatient Unit

With the opening of the Institution for Savings Inpatient Unit, nearly everyone who stays overnight will have the luxury of their own, private room for enhanced comfort, privacy and healing.

Anna Jaques is one of a small number of hospitals in Massachusetts to offer single-room availability for most patients. The 18-bed Institution Unit, named after the Institution for Savings bank in Newburyport for its $1.5 million gift, was made possible thanks to an enthusiastic team of community members, medical staff, AJH board members and hospital leadership. Over the course of three years, this team dedicated their time, gave meaningful gifts and became advocates for our patients who all had one clear point: “Single rooms, please!” Now, nearly every inpatient gets a single, at no additional cost to the patient or insurance company.

Enhanced comfort, privacy and healing

Private rooms enable the level of quality, safety and comfort you and your family deserve during your stay.

Rooms as beautiful and welcoming as they are technologically advanced!

Private rooms help:

  • Improve infection control throughout the unit.
  • Provide patients with a positive environment for healing.
  • Provide privacy for medical discussions and treatments.
  • Reduce noise in the patient’s environment on the top floor.

The new unit features:

  • 18 private rooms, each with its own bathroom and shower.
  • Window with a view.
  • Flat-screen television.
  • Chair or couch that becomes a bed for a loved one who is welcome to spend the night.
  • The nurses’ station is thoughtfully positioned away from patient rooms to reduce noise and commotion, and maintain privacy for confidential conversations.
  • The patio serves as a serene getaway for patients, their families, and the staff on the unit.
  • Photography and paintings from local artists depict beautiful, often recognizable scenes from the surrounding community.

The rooms are also equipped with advanced information technology capabilities, including improved vital sign technology that downloads each patient’s data directly into their electronic medical records (EMR) to reduce errors.