Measurable Quality

 Anna Jaques has achieved notable results in several areas over the past year, striving to bring many of our rates down to "zero".

A great big ‘thank you’ to the Surgical Day staff. I could not have received a more professional, courteous, and kind group of people…the nurses, the transport associates, the check-in staff and others, who made a very stressful surgery as comfortable as possible.

Lowering the Risk of Infection

Across the country, hospitals focus on initiatives to decrease hospital acquired infections, reduce the number of preventable medical errors, and increase patient safety and the quality of patient care. For several years now, Anna Jaques has been striving to reduce the rate of certain hospital-acquired infections to zero. 

With a strong focus on teamwork, checklist and high reliability techniques, Anna Jaques has achieved this rate of zero hospital acquired infections in three areas associated with 1) urinary catheter use, 2) intravenous central catheters, and 2) ventilator associated pneumonias.  

We have also seen a steady reduction in the risks of any infection associated with a surgical procedure over the past three years because of the use of high reliability techniques by the physicians and staff.   

Improving Outcomes for Hips & Knees

A multidisciplinary team continues to ensure that patients who undergo hip and knee replacement surgery achieve the best possible outcomes. This team is focused on four factors to improve outcomes:

  1. Pre-surgery education and evaluation by physical therapy to assure that patients are as ready as possible for surgery and the recovery process
  2. Using anesthesia protocols that allow a quicker recovery to have early participation in physical therapy which improves recovery times
  3. Standardizing pain management regimens so that patients are comfortable enough for their post-surgery therapy and limited side effects that may interfere with recovery
  4. Assuring that patients are able to return to their home environment as soon as possible to avoid complications associated with hospitalization or rehabilitation facilities.

The graphs below demonstrate considerable improvement in four key areas. These goals are the result of tremendous teamwork and focus by our staff on a daily basis to provide the best care possible to every patient, every time.

The hospital's overall rate of Surgical Site Infections (SSI) has dropped considerably over the past year (FY16).