Adults of all ages who are affected by a host of medical complications such as cancer, stroke and other diseases can benefit from our Speech Therapy program and participate in instruction that helps them to re-learn speech, chewing and swallowing. Our expert speech therapists treat adult patients of all ages. 

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A team approach

No person is an island and that is especially true when undergoing rehabilitation and speech therapy. Therefore, our speech therapists are an integral part of the rehab team. This enables our therapists to assist patients in a "team" approach to ensure a holistic approach to personal rehabilitation. Our team includes physicians, nurses, and therapy staff as well as family members. The family is an important part of the rehabilitation process and they learn about the recovery process from our specialists. Families learn to understand the challenges facing their loved ones and are taught to assist with rehabilitation at home.

Stroke-impaired speech

The consequences of stroke can be devastating. Research now shows that early intervention may lead to improved and faster renewal of speech. We have a close working relationship with area physicians are available to work with stroke victims as soon as is medically appropriate. Speech and language therapists will assess, diagnose and develop a program of care to maximize the communication potential of the people under their care. They work directly with the person with communication difficulties as well as with their families.


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