Cutting-edge Diagnostics, in a Caring Environment

Fast, accurate results in two days.

We understand that routine screenings are anything but routine to you. Along with convenient scheduling that suits your lifestyle, you’ll receive your mammography and other test results in two business days. If needed, your care team will share a complete treatment plan with you within seven to ten days after your initial diagnosis.

If your screening did not reveal any abnormalities, we’ll stay in touch to make sure you continue to get the screenings that are recommended for you in the future.

ACR Excellence

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We’re proud to offer the latest diagnostics right here in the Greater Newburyport area. After we assess your personal risk for breast cancer, we’ll perform one or more of the following:

  • 3D Mammography is the most advanced mammogram available in the country clinically proven to find more cancers sooner, with fewer false alarms.
  • 3D-Guided Breast Biopsy: this minimally invasive procedure utilizes state-of-the-art technology that helps physicians localize and accurately target lesions that may be challenging to detect using conventional imaging techniques. It allows for minimally invasive needle biopsy of lesions that would have previously either not been possible or would have required open surgical biopsy
  • 3D whole breast ultrasound takes three-dimensional pictures of the entire breast and is used to supplement mammograms in women who are at an elevated risk for breast cancer or who have dense breasts that require advanced imaging capabilities to yield a clearer picture.
  • Breast MRI produces incredibly sharp images, giving clinicians the ability to detect very small cancers in women at high risk for breast cancer.
  • Minimally invasive breast biopsy, guided by ultrasound or MRI, is used to remove a small sample of tissue if an abnormality is detected. The sample is then tested to determine if it is benign or cancerous.