Lactation Services

The Anna Jaques Lactation Department provides continuous inpatient lactation support after delivery at the AJH Birth Center, facilitates free weekly Baby & Me Support Groups (two different options), and offers outpatient lactation consultations out of their office at AJH.

To learn more or make an appointment call the Lactation Department at 978-463-1079.

August is recognized as National Breastfeeding Month. In celebration, Anna Jaques Birth Center hosted its Annual Mother & Baby Picnic for mothers, babies, and families to reconnect who met during prenatal or support group classes at Anna Jaques. 

Anna Jaques is proud to encourage breastfeeding and educate patients and families on the many benefits breastfeeding offers. The Birth Center strives not only to help your family get off to a healthy start, but we also seek to set you up for continued breastfeeding success. This is done through offering a variety of prenatal classes; free weekly Mother & Baby support group opportunities to connect with fellow moms and babies and gain support from Lactation Consultants and Birth Center nurses at Anna Jaques; and connecting people with information on the local community resources that you can continue to use throughout your parenting journey.

Classes & Support Groups

Birth & Neonatal Care Centers


I cannot say enough about the wonderful nurses and Lactation Consultants at AJH! From their care through labor, delivery, and postpartum hospital time, they want nothing more than to help you succeed. If it wasn’t for the Mother & Baby Support Group, I am positive I wouldn’t have succeeded in breastfeeding my daughter who I nursed for 14 months, which surpassed my goal of 3 months!

Thank you to everyone at Anna Jaques for making our stay great! From skin-to-skin time, to keeping baby in my room overnight, you helped create the first bond between my daughter and me to continue our successful breastfeeding journey.

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