Our broad range of orthopedic care, surgical procedures, and related services available include:

Adult Reconstruction and Arthritis Service 

Offers diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for adult patients with degenerative and inflammatory arthritis. Among special procedures are hip and knee reconstruction, hip and knee replacement, and arthroscopic procedures.

Foot and Ankle Service 

Offers a full range of care, including reconstructive foot surgery and treatment for fractures and other injuries, as well treatment for foot and ankle problems associated with diabetes.

Joint Replacement Surgery 

Our expert orthopedic surgeons perform hundreds of joint replacements annually, including knee, hip and shoulder.

Bone Density Testing 

We offer a fast, easy and painless test that can show if you are at risk for broken bones associated with osteoporosis. Our state-of-the-art scanner - called a DA bone densitometer - shows existing fractures of the vertebrae in the spine.  It also shows low bone density. These are two leading signs of bone breaks associated with osteoporosis.

Orthopedic Trauma Service 

Treats complex reconstructions and fracture problems, including fractures of the upper and lower extremity, spine trauma, joint dislocation and ligament injuries. Minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgical procedures are available.

Hand and Upper Extremity Service 

Treats a wide range of injuries, instabilities and disorders, including hand and wrist fractures, tendon, vascular and nerve injuries, arthritis of the hand, wrist and elbow, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pain Management 

Our comprehensive services will help reduce and manage chronic pain. Services include procedural interventions, medication management, and referrals for supportive services.

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 

While our team aims to utilize non-surgical treatment options first, common services include arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic labral repair, total shoulder replacement, biceps tendon repair, and shoulder resurfacing, among many other techniques.

Spine Services 

Treat adult patients who suffer from a broad range of injuries and conditions that affect the spine. This includes arthritic and degenerative conditions, disk disorders, fractures, scoliosis and tumors. Among specialized procedures are anterior cervical fusion, kyphoplasty, and lumbar laminectomydecompression.

Sports Medicine 

Involves a wide range of preventative care and treatment of injuries and conditions related to competitive and recreational athletics. In caring for everyone from professional soccer players to weekend joggers and cyclists, our medical specialists promote non-surgical rehabilitation and physical therapy programs. When surgery is required — such as to repair joint damage to the knee, ankle, shoulder, hip or elbow — we offer state-of-the-art, minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques.

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