Occupational and Hand Therapy

Life can throw a curve ball and when it does, we're here to help.

Recovering from injury, stroke or disease can mean learning to master simple tasks that were once easy. It takes patience on the part of the patient and expertise on the part of the therapist. That's where we come in. If you have suffered an injury or stroke or are living with a progressive neuromuscular disorder such as Parkinson's disease we can help you. When these situations threaten to alter your quality of life, our specialists are available to minimize the impact. Our occupational therapists will help you develop new strategies to enhance independence and ensure safety as you perform the activities of daily living.

Available in Newburyport

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Our Rehabilitation Department team includes an occupational therapist with specialty certification in the treatment of hand injuries. Whether you are about to undergo or recovering from hand surgery, or are recovering from a fall or injury, occupational therapy will help you attain the fullest hand function possible. Splint and brace fabrication is also available.