General Surgery and Surgical Services

Highly skilled surgeons supported by a top-notch clinical team

At Anna Jaques, our surgical patients receive the benefits of technological advances and excellent care while experiencing the quality and closeness of the community hospital setting.

Our team will prepare you so that you fully understand your procedure and understand the expectations for outcomes before you have the surgery. You'll proceed with the comfort of knowing that our excellent surgeons are performing your surgery with the latest technology available. In fact, it is the same technology used in Boston hospitals and our surgical care measures are at or above the US hospital averages.

Surgical Services consists of a six-bed Operating Room, Pre-Admissions Testing, Pre-Operative Services, Recovery Room, Surgical Day Care, Ambulatory Procedure Room (Endoscopy and minor procedure rooms), Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, the Pain Treatment Center and Central Sterile Reprocessing. Our Digital Operating Suite allows surgeons to call up medical records, imaging and information into the operating room instantaneously during surgery. Our Endoscopic Suites provide minimally invasive surgery for a wide range of surgical procedures.

Nearly every inpatient gets a single

With the addition of our newly constructed Institution for Savings Inpatient Unit (named after the Institution for Savings bank for their $1.5 million gift), nearly every patient who stays overnight at Anna Jaques will get a private room for enhanced comfort, privacy and healing. Anna Jaques is one of a small number of hospitals in Massachusetts to offer single-room availability for most patients.

Private rooms enable the level of quality, safety and comfort you and your family deserve during your stay. Private rooms help:

  • Improve infection control throughout the unit.
  • Provide patients with a positive environment for healing.
  • Provide privacy for medical discussions and treatments.
  • Reduce noise in the patient’s environment on the top floor.

These sun-filled rooms on the top floor have their own private bathroom and shower, flat screen TV, closet and rooming-in furniture so a relative or close friend can spend the night. Each room is also equipped with a computer station for nurses and physicians. Dispensing medication, for example, is made safer by matching bar codes to patients’ wristbands and electronic records. Vital sign technology allows the nurse or aide to download each patient’s data directly into the electronic record at the bedside to help reduce errors.

Minimally invasive surgery

Many of our surgeons specialize in laparoscopic techniques—minimally invasive approaches that use smaller incisions than traditional surgery and are associated with shorter hospital stays, less pain and quicker recovery. Our team will communicate with your family at the earliest possible moment to let them know of your progress and care while in surgery.


Seacoast Surgery

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