Weight Loss Surgery

Comprehensive Program to Support Weight Loss

For many people with obesity, diets alone rarely produce results. Weight loss surgery can offer hope of significant and lasting weight loss.

At Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH), we collaborate with Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (LHMC) to offer weight loss surgery for our patients. Patients can receive their pre-and post-surgical care close to home at AJH with the surgery performed at LHMC in Burlington.

Am I Eligible for Weight Loss Surgery?

In order to be eligible for weight loss surgery, patients must meet specific criteria based on guidelines set by the National Institutes of Health before they can be considered for an evaluation by our team. Most patients in our program:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) over 40 or are at least 100 pounds overweight
  • A BMI of 35 or greater accompanied by one or more obesity related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnea
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have been overweight for more than five years
  • Be committed to life-long follow-up and healthy changes to your lifestyle

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in weight loss surgery with AJH and LHMC is to sign up for and watch our free online information session. If you decide weight loss surgery could be right for you after watching the information session, you will be contacted and offered the opportunity to meet with our multidisciplinary team that includes a nurse practitioner, dietitian and behavioral health specialist from the Lahey Surgical Weight Loss Program. Together, we will review your medical history and find out if you are a good candidate for weight-loss surgery.

Register for Info Session

If I Decide This Is Right for Me, What’s the Next Step?

Should you choose surgery, our team will guide you through the weeks of testing and preparation (most of which are to be done at Anna Jaques Hospital) that are required prior to surgery. You will also have access to AJH specialists who treat a full range of obesity-related illnesses, such as endocrinologists, pulmonologists and cardiologists. Our comprehensive program supports you through your weight loss journey, connects you with others who went through the program, and helps you stay on track after surgery, too.

Patients will meet with our bariatric surgeon onsite at Anna Jaques Hospital after their initial consultation. Surgeries are performed at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center with all post-surgery appointments onsite at Anna Jaques Hospital and/or virtually with members of the Surgical Weight Loss team. Learn more about Weight Loss Surgery at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.

Get Support for Your Weight Loss Journey

Another important component of the program prior to receiving weight loss surgery is medically supervised weight loss with a bariatrician, a physician who specializes in medical weight loss. Through a comprehensive program of diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and, if appropriate, FDA-approved medications, bariatric physicians help patients reach weight loss goals. Depending on the patient’s preference, they can select Anna Jaques internist and bariatrician Dr. Guy Navarra, a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, or choose a bariatrician with Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Lifestyle Health Program. 

Emotional support to help with behavior changes, such as classes to help address mindful eating behaviors or stress eating triggers, are available. The surgical weight loss program also offers monthly virtual support groups with other patients who are pursuing or have had surgery, access to online cooking classes, additional group wellness classes and lifelong follow up with the weight loss team, which research shows can support greater long-term results.

Sign up for the free online video session to learn more about weight loss surgery with Anna Jaques Hospital and Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.