Quality & Safety

What makes a hospital a “high quality” hospital?

Patients often lack the information or understanding about how to judge a hospital in terms of the quality of care it provides. To help guide you, we invite you to explore why Anna Jaques is known for providing measurably high quality care at a lower cost, and a superior patient experience.


The Patient Experience

One of the hallmarks of Anna Jaques is our commitment to provide a superior patient experience. This means that in addition to delivering high quality medical care, our team makes sure the room is always clean, patients’ pain is well controlled, and that patients go home with a good understanding about their recovery.

In orer to deliver on this commitment, we measure many facets of the patient experience every month, and strive to identify and improve upon both our successes and opportunities. And we continually set the bar higher, looking at not only our own progress, but how we compare to other hospitals in Massachusetts.

As of surveys received by January, 2021, Anna Jaques scores above or the same as the state average on nearly every measure. 

Hospital Compare Patient Surveys (Jan. 2021)