Community Benefits

The Attorney General’s Community Benefits Guidelines call upon hospitals to identify and respond to unmet community health needs by formalizing their approach to community benefits planning, collaborating with community representatives to identify and create programs that address those needs, and issuing annual reports on their efforts. 

Led by the Community Benefits Advisory Committee (CBAC), efforts strive to address the most pressing health needs in our community based off of state data, needs assessments and what we see and hear is needed most in our communities.

Spotlight on Anti-Vaping Efforts

As printed in the Boston Globe: "On her first day of freshman year at Newburyport High School, Annemarie Noe walked into a crowded school bathroom, greeted by a group of girls passing around their vape. She went home after school and asked her mom what exactly a vape was.

“It was kind of really eye-opening for me because you expect your parents to have all the answers, and when my parents didn’t, it inspired me to look deeper into it,” said Noe, who is now a senior.

Noe recently received the 2019 Girl Scout Gold Award for creating an anti-vaping curriculum in the Newburyport school district. The Gold Award is the highest possible award attainable in the Girl Scouts."

Annemarie has partnered with Anna Jaques to feature a spotlight series showcasing different efforts - including her own - to address vaping in the Newburyport community. Follow along as Annemarie shares her insights, experiences, and efforts to create positive change. Also visit her Anti-Teen Vape website

Spotlight 1: Meet Me, Annemarie

January 10, 2020

"Hello, my name is Annemarie Noe and I’m a Senior at Newburyport High School. I’m also an Anti-Vape Advocate in our community. I first noticed the rising vaping epidemic my freshman year. That’s when I was inspired to take action.

When I embarked on my Girl Scout Gold Award project, which is aimed at tackling issues and creating lasting change, I knew what I wanted to do: educate our community on the dangers of teen vaping. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in the organization, equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Award. I collaborated with a variety of community members throughout my entire project.

I first worked with our high school health teacher, to initiate a classroom curriculum. Our curriculum is broken down into four stages. First, starts a pre-test to collect data for the students’ previous knowledge. Then an educational video to provide a visual for the harmful effect of vaping. Afterward, a post-test to compare the students’ educational growth. And, finally a group discussion to conclude the negative impacts of vaping.

Once I saw the power of my curriculum in the school, I wanted to expand the anti-vape education to a wider audience of community members. I then created a social media campaign with Mayor Donna Holaday, in which we informed the community of the growing dangers connected with adolescent vaping.

To continue my efforts to raise awareness, I’ve partnered with Anna Jaques Hospital. Over the next few months I will show a series of spotlights on different people, programs, and initiatives aimed at combating vaping in our community. With the goal to spread awareness in our community!"

Following an updated Community Health Needs Assessment in 2019, Community Benefit efforts for the next three years are aimed at the prevention and awareness of: cancer & substance use


With questions or comments about the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment or any Community Benefit program, email

A three-year plan, which concluded in 2018, supported programs and participated in coalitions aimed at the prevention and awareness of: cancer, obesity and substance use. Highlights included: 

  • (Obesity) Free Workouts in Amesbury & Newburyport (Obesity): 400+ people participated in the Yankee Homecoming Waterfront Workout Series hosted by Anna Jaques with 11 local gyms and studios offering free workouts. AJH and the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce partnered to offer the new “Fitness by the Falls” program of free weekly workouts in Amesbury throughout the summer. 
  • (Substance Use) Essex County Asset Builder Network is a regional program to bring together the communities of Amesbury, Georgetown, Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury and Newburyport to create a common language of asset- based youth development as it has been shown that youth who have more assets are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. AJH participates on the Executive Committee as well as supports events such as the “Addiction in the Workplace” panel discussion for business owners and leaders that Dr. Jamie Morse, Chief of Emergency Medicine, participated on. 
  • (Cancer) Breast Cancer Awareness Month Efforts: AJH distributed 25,000 coffee sleeves to local shops and bakeries in Newburyport, Salisbury, Amesbury, West Newbury, Groveland, Haverhill, and Merrimac with a reminder to schedule your annual mammogram.