Neonatal Care Center

Specialized Care for Babies Who Need Extra Support

Every parent plans to have a healthy baby who arrives on his or her due date. But sometimes babies arrive early or develop health issues. The Neonatal Care Center at Anna Jaques is staffed around-the-clock by neonatal providers who are experts in caring for these newborns.

Our Team

You can take comfort in knowing your newborn will be in experienced hands if your baby arrives early or has a medical complication. Should the unexpected happen, a neonatal provider is available to care for your baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with a team of skilled neonatal nurses. Through our clinical affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, our team of neonatal providers and the BIDMC Department of Neonatology coordinate your baby's medical care, including seamless access to specialists in Boston. Dr. DeWayne Pursley, Chief of Neonatology at BIDMC, provides medical oversight to all of our neonatal providers. It’s reassuring to know that most babies don’t have to leave the community and be separated from their families while receiving the care they need. Meet our Neonatology Team.

The Neonatal Care Center is a Level 1B nursery that cares for premature babies, low birth weight newborns, and babies with unexpected medical complications that arise during delivery. It is fully equipped with the latest technology, including:

  • Cardiac monitors
  • LED phototherapy lights for elevated bilirubin levels
  • Radiant warming units
  • Resuscitation care centers
  • IV infusion pumps
  • Isolettes

Feeding, Growing, and Going Home

Some premature babies require the care of a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a Boston hospital during their first days or weeks. Once they are medically stable, the baby will be transferred back to AJH where he/she can be cared for in a nurturing environment, and learn to feed and grow before they go home. Our highly trained team of doctors and nurses – all of whom have previously worked in Level II nurseries or NICU’s – can provide that extra level of care needed in this phase while supporting the family with this transition.

There are many advantages to receiving “step-down” care at Anna Jaques. While the care for babies remains the same, families save time and money on commuting and parking downtown, giving you more precious minutes with your baby. In fact, parents are welcome to visit at any time of day or night. Instead of a bustling NICU, you’ll find a soothing, nurturing environment with ample space for your family. Privacy curtains allow mom to pump breast milk at the bedside rather than in a nursing room. We also offer lactation support.

When it’s almost time for your baby to go home, we offer a “rooming in” with your baby so that you become comfortable caring for him or her, knowing that our expert nurses are just down the hall. Although your baby may not be ready to go home right away, we’ll help you feel as at home as possible in the Neonatal Care Center.

For more info, call us at 978-463-1060.

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